I Love You Madly

Black Masala

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With great anticipation and excitement, Black Masala is ready to take their fans on the next musical adventure with their second full length album, “I Love You Madly,” Due out October 30, 2015! The title track “I Love You Madly” is the perfect track to kick off the new album, it’s hard to sit still while listening to this gypsy punk anthem. A fun and upbeat tune about unrequited love, “I Love You Madly” features the driving horns section that is a key part of the Black Masala sound. The band is known for igniting an irresistible dance party at their shows, and “Too Hot to Wait” captures this funky spirit. Featuring the sultry vocals of Kristen Long, “Too Hot to Wait” is full of deep grooves that spill out onto the street from the show and keep the party going. Always the cultural omnivores, the Bhangra brass grooves on “Bhangra Ramo” highlight Black Masala’s ability to absorb diverse traditions and work them into a brass heavy funk jam. One of the band’s real gems is trumpeter Steven C. who gets to shine on “Cool Breeze,” an Afrofunk track straight from the space age. Grab your drink and a dance partner for the blue collar vibes and irreverent swing of “Sounds of The Underground,” a fresh new sound reminiscent of the Prohibition era. Seeing Black Masala live in concert is the ultimate experience, and Kristen Long’s lead vocals on “Devil Sunset” have rapidly become a highlight of the live show. Her vocals and the amazing horn section weave together perfectly in this spaced out funk song that will keep you bouncing. While the band has branched out to include many new influences, the unstoppable Balkan brass energy of instrumental track “Haute Cultura” harkens back to the sound that put Black Masala on the map. The album finishes with a fun ode to the Big Easy; “Oh No What Can I Do?” is a funky love song about a cheating heart that feels like a New Orleans tent revival. On their second album it is clear that Black Masala are having a lot of fun incorporating various musical influences into their go anywhere Brass sound. Ranging from Gypsy punk, Balkan brass and New Orleans funk, to Bhangra and bounce, this is an album for the multicultural music listener. The heavy horns and danceable rhythms tie “I Love You Madly” together and create an album that can be played for a wide range of audiences.

All Songs written and recorded by Black Masala except *Bhangra Ramo - Black Masala and SLOBODAN ILIĆ BOBAN Recorded and Produced by : Scott Thomas Robinson at The Buzzlounge

Album Photo by: John Shore Artwork: Paul Elliott, Eightlimbs artwork Published by Black Masala Music Copyright 2015- Black Masala Music All Rights Reserved Contact: www.blackmasala.com blackmasalaband@gmail.com

Black Masala is: Mike Ounallah (Drums, Vocals, Percussion) Kristen Long (Vocal, Percussion) Duff Davis (Guitars) Yannick LePage (Accordion) Monty Montgomery (Sousaphone) Kirsten Warfield (Trombone) Steven Cunningham (Trumpet) Matt Rippetoe (Tenor and Bari Sax) Tomas Drgon (Guitars)

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