I Love You Madly Remixed Volume 3

Black Masala

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Always innovating and exploring new musical frontiers has been the hallmark of Black Masala as they have made their mark in the last few years. Never afraid to draw upon new influences and genres, the band has also reached out to some amazing producers around the world to rework and remix their original songs. The I Love You Madly Remixed Volume 3 release showcases the eclectic and unorthodox sounds which Black Masala have become known for.

First up is Dutch producer Solo Moderna, himself known for pushing musical boundaries, and his remix of Haute Cultura. Drawing heavily upon the horns, percussion and guitar Solo Moderna has crafted a bizarre ride, and if close your eyes you can just imagine yourself in a bazaar full of colors and exotic scents. The remix will do well on the dancefloor, with its relentless Balkumbia driving beats and fun, playful mood.

Hailing from Victoria, BC is Canadian producer Palletz who recently dropped sick remixes of Fort Knox Five and See-I, among others. He has stripped down “Too Hot To Wait” and built it back up again, and the result is firing on all pistons! Nothing is off limits on Palletz' remix, and the beats and vocals get a full trap style reworking, with some funky breaks and builds throughout. The result is a high energy, bass-heavy banger which will do heavy damage in the clubs, such a fun remix.

Closing out the third and final volume of I Love You Madly Remixes is Spark Arrester, our good friend, promoter and DJ from Blacksburg, VA. Spark Arrester also remixed “Too Hot To Wait”, but took the track in a different direction altogether. This remix keeps the same Gypsy vibe of the original, boosting it up with additional drums, bass and effects. The horns of the original are featured throughout and this is a very smooth tune with a very laid back funk vibe.

Black Masala are excited to share these reinterpretations of their music with the world, taking their sound in new directions and incorporating a variety of styles. The third and final installment of the remix series includes genres as varied as Breaks, Funk, Trap and Balkumbia. This is the globalization of music and its a lot of fun, so enjoy the music and get down to these beats.

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